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Pyramid Music Productions


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Vern Shank
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Mark Woods


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Art Bourasseau

Pyramid Music Productions
Toll Free: 1.888.356.2539

Music Label, Artist Managers, Business, Road, Tour and Production Management Company


What our duties are here at Pyramid...


Music Manager

The Music Manager has the most interaction with the artist and is generally the most important person in the artist's musical life. We are involved in planning, coordinating and organizing the career of the artist. We are involved in counseling and advising the artist on all matters related to their musical careers. As personal managers, we research the music industry and know all about record labels, publishing companies, producers, booking agents, promoters, publicists, stylists, photographers, recording engineers, graphic designers, video directors, music licensees, etc., and how they integrate themselves into the overall career plan.


Business Manager

We can take care of the income and expenses of the client. Business managers usually take care of making payments to musicians, background singers, roadies, tour managers, etc., on behalf of the artist. We also advise our artists on assets and investments, savings and taxes (local, state, federal, and International). Most artists are unaware that they have tax obligations that relate to their performance and licensing income, CD and merchandise sales, equipment purchases, sponsorship cash, other miscellaneous income, etc. We also try to get our clients to invest in their future and save something for a rainy day since even the most successful artists eventually stop earning regular income from making records and touring.

Road Manager

As road managers, we normally take care of logistics while the artist is on tour (or on the road). Duties include making sure that everything on the road is provided as spelled out in the contract and all monies are paid on time. The artist is then left free to concentrate on their performances and not whether the promoter, venue booker or booking agent has met their obligations. The road manager also follows up on items that were promised as part of the contract such as accommodations, per diems, equipment rentals, commissions, etc.

Tour Manager

As tour managers on larger tours, we coordinate all the the details and logistics of the tour itself. We are also in charge of all the details that relate to the entire tour including communications, merchandising, tour routing, catering, hospitality, etc.

Production Manager

As production managers we can be found on larger tours involving major record label artists. We also help with certain details having to do with the production of the show; like renting sound, video and lighting equipment, dealing with trucking issues, etc. We also deal with the publicity for the show, as well as assist with scheduling and coordinating both the touring crew and the local venue crew (stagehands, carpenters, riggers, etc.

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